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October 11, 2007

College Students: Your Positive Attitude Is a Key to Your Success!

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In what is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, characteristic of success-Positive Attitude remains under-utilized. Don Martin wrote a wonderful and inspirational set of “suggestions” in order to help “Build Positive Attitudes.” I am paraphrasing Don’s thoughts and adding my own.

*Search for interesting ideas. I agree that the fuel for a student’s attitude is interest which leads to passion for a subject or major.

*Associate with “positive” people in your classes and on campus. I would suggest you partner up in study groups and even look to either socialize or join resume building activities clubs. High achievers, as do poor students with poor attitudes, rub off on anyone associating with either group.

*Focus in on interesting ideas or concepts in every class you attend. Be prepared to “enjoy” your studies. Do not accept the work as drudgery or painful. Make it joyful by looking for a positive aspect.

*Tell your friends of new discoveries. Explain to them an idea or concept and share your passion and positivity! I would also suggest that you share this with your instructors or student advisors if they have time to devote to listening. It is always great to get feedback from an authority. Sometimes these sessions lead to information that would not normally come up in classes, lectures.

*List and document your progress in discovering new ideas. Keep a journal of your positive attitude and how it is effecting your outlook on school, how it is effecting how others perceive you, and how you feel in comparison to your “old” way of thinking.

*In truly sage advice, Martin states: “Remember you are what you think.” How very true that short but powerful statement can be to a person’s attitude. It is akin to losing weight and feeling body image healthy. You are what you eat is true like the above statement.

Consequently if you are looking to improve your positive attitude and you wish for a deeper understanding that comes from experience in the real world, check out Susan Hanshaw’s fine blog:



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