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June 11, 2007

Top 10 “Everyday” Questions Every Student Must Understand When Choosing a College

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In past articles, College Planning Specialist has focussed on providing information, contact resources, as well as college ratings in order to help families wade through the mountain of admissions data. It is equally important that families and students ask and answer the “everyday” questions about college life. The following is not only a practical outline of questions a family might wish to consider but it is also can act as a barometer to gauge your child’s interest in a particular institution.

1. Correct Major: your child is interested in exploring? More often than not kids may not realize that their intended focus does not match what the school of their choice offers.

2. College Visits: have you visited the college of interest while it is in session? The best time to make judgements about campus life is while school is in session.

3. Location: does the location fit your intended lifestyle? City campus or country setting? Is there things to do that fit your child’s wants and needs?

4. Compatibility: do the kids look like the kind of kids my child would enjoy? Do the guys and girls look happy with their choice?

5. Class Structure: what do classes look like? Are they huge with hundreds of kids sitting in the same lecture or are they small with more hands on teaching? Which environment will my student prefer?

6. Internship: will the university help my student acquire an internship while they are still in school? Will they help in job placement once my student has graduated and is beginning his real world job search?

7. Graduation Time: what is the average time frame for a student to graduate? Do most graduate in 4 years or does it take longer?

8. Grad School Placement: does the institution provide help getting my child into graduate school if that is what he/she wants to pursue?

9. University Connections: does the university have any affiliations with other institutions? Does the school provide opportunities to study abroad?

10. Do We Fit In: possibly the most important question: Can your child see themselves attending a particular school, performing well, and being happy?

Many of these questions can be overlooked during the selection process. By reviewing and answering this list, your family can help avoid uncertainty and ultimately the wrong choice


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