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May 25, 2007

Choosing the Right College: Planning Ahead Pays Off in the End!

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America offers the richest landscape of colleges and universities in the world today. The huge scope of choices include Junior colleges, Vocational institutions, Trade schools, Art colleges, State University systems, Private universities, and a plethora of schools specializing in different sciences. Before a family can tackle the ominous task of choosing the “right” school for their loved one, they need to plan for their future choice. The following is an initial “to do” list and tips which may help in college preparedness for the future. According to College Planning Specials:

1. Start Visiting Colleges and Universities that your child is interested in applying for admission: Many high school students base their decisions on where they want to go to school on “word of mouth.” This word of mouth comes from friends, college guides, magazines or guidance councilors.

Because of this haphazard method of choice, it is imperative that each student visit the campuses of schools of interest to get a feel for the school and student life.

2. SAT Test Preparation Courses. This is a vital step to admission. If your child is competing with other students for limited spots then the decision often hinges on each student’s SAT score. SAT preparation courses are designed to instruct students on how to take this test, how to manage time, and what type of questions may be asked. This is invaluable!

3. Private Scholarships represent roughly 1% of the total monies available for college financing. Although this is small it is worth the effort to investigate.

4. Set up Income, Assets, and Personal finances in order to receive the maximum allowable funding from each school.

5. Do NOT Procrastinate as your competition (other students and their families) will be performing their due diligence.


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